Places I want to go

These are taken at the Maldives, Santorini and random places I don’t know where is. So beautiful and romantic, or what?



A beautiful winter world outside

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Hey! Ain’t it weird how you can hate something this beautiful? Winter just isn’t my thing. Luckily, we (my family and I) are going to Florida for two weeks in February!!!  I’ve never been in the states before, so I’m looking forward to it!  I’ll tell you more some other time, I promise.


Long time

Sorry, long time, no see. I haven’t had anything to write about (and I still don’t, just felt a pressure!). To   an okay quality on my posts, I choose not to post in dry-times like this.
I turned 16 this week, fyi.

Wow, big picture. Celebrated with a muffin.


Happy New Year!

Hey. Uhm, sorry I have been away for a while. I have been busy having a merry Christmas and all that. It’s 5th of January today. Can you believe that we have wasted five days of 2012 already? I can. If there is one thing that people are great at, it must be wasting time!
For the first time in many years, I have not made any New Year’s resolutions. I usually make five or six resolutions, but do I ever keep them? Of course I never do. So the reason that I decided not to make any resolution this year is because I have trouble believing in a new start over night just like that. All the people that makes becoming a better person their resolution; do any of them really become better people? Do they remember their resolutions for more than a month or perhaps two at most? If somebody really wants to change, I most certainly believe that they can to that at any time of the year. And how easy is it to keep a resolution that you made maybe just because it is the end of a year, anyway? But hey, that is just me.

Happy New Year, people. Make it special. Make memories. Give love. Get love.