China’s history

The subject for my (test) oral exam in social science is China’s history from 1945. This is my first experience with exam-stuff, and I’m glad the teacher’s are arranging this. At first, I weren’t too happy about my subject, but while I was working with the presentation today, I changed my mind! I feel like I’ve learned more today than I’ve done the last couple of weeks at school. I do find it very interesting how one man(like Zedong or Hitler(not that they have so much in common) can change so much). Right now I’m just f*cking sick of reading about communism and Mao Zedong.
The exam is on Friday, and time is no problem, it is rather the focus that is (or should I say facebook…?)

Oh, by the way! I woke up to see a white landscape today! The first snow of this winter. I must admit that even though I don’t like winter or snow, it is beautiful.

Okay, well. I’m gonna keep working now.

(all photos are taken by me,click on them to see larger versions)



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